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Monday, January 14, 2008


Busy week ahead. Im babysitting my friends two kids for the next few days. Then I have company coming for the weekend, so the end of the week will be some scurrying around tidying up and preparing.

Im looking forward to seeing my friends again. We have tentively made plans to go to the science museum with them as well as our annual bingo extravanganza. They are also hoping to bring up their old couch and chair that we are buying from them. So im looking forward to some furniture rearrangment as well.

My wrists have been hurting this last week and this week already. Thank God for tylenol arthritis which at least dulls the pain. Its not the type of pain that prevents me from functioning(not that I have much choice in that anyway) but its this dull persistent ache in the wrist area.

Gideon is still pretty congested. I have been using the blue ball of death to suck out the snot. He is not impressed! I still get a lovely smile now and then though, so he isnt too terribly grumpy. I fear though the weight is going to take a rebound downward with this illness. He just isnt eating as well, so we keep plugging away. He is on antibiotics so those should be helping soon.

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