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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A lifeline

Lately I really have felt God reassuring me. Hes been my lifeline in the midst of many struggles lately and for that Im eternally grateful. I am so blessed in knowing that he loves me no matter what I screw up. Yes there are consquences for disobedience(think Jonah getting swallowed by a whale) but underneath it all I know he loves me.

For me thats huge ... all my life Ive struggled with self esteem. Im sure I could tie it back to my history and events that happened in my life. Its something though that I struggle with daily and more and more I am hearing God speak to me, that hes still there even when Im hurt or angry or upset. This is especially poignant when Im fighting with my husband, who quite often is my rock in times of stormy weather. Im learning.

Maybe Im hearing God better since I am reading the bible daily. I did start the Bible in a year along with many others in our church. Hubby and I chose though the version that is chronological in order, so we arent always at the same place as everyone else is. Honestly I am surprised at how much Im enjoying it first of all and second how easy it is. Its been something that I have clung too especially when Ive been upset. This too has been a 17 yr struggle for me and hard for me to do. Praising God for his encouragament, strength and love!



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