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Saturday, August 09, 2008

House picked up ...

. . . laundry folded, dishes done and now the kids are cleaning up the yard. They have made cards and signs and taped them on the doors of the house, I think we are ready for dh to come home!

Unfortunely he will get home really late, after midnite, so all the chillins will be in bed. So i encouraged them to make him welcome home cards and have the house clean for him. He really appreciates that kind of thing.

I made him his favorite drink, iced tea, in fact I made 4 gallons worth since the kids (minus Zechariah) love it too. I had to label some pitchers "kids" and some "Dad" since he uses splenda in his lol.

Now just to wait, its currently 8 pm, only 4 some hours to go! God is good ... all the time!



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