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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The first one

We found a home for one of the kittens today. It happened to be one of my favorites :( but I am happy that it has a home rather than a shelter cage. It went to another family with young kids, so Im sure it will have lots of love and attention.

We are keeping two ourselves, so that leaves only 3 more to find homes for. Im hoping to find them a home but I will take them to the shelter rather than let them go. Momma cat will most likely have to go the shelter. She was really freaked out in the beginning and really has warmed up though.

We gave them all temporary names:half pint, shadow, storm,gandalf, adolf and greybeard. We are keeping half pint(the smallest runt looking one, it has longer hair, tiger striping, white, grey and a kid favorite) and shadow(grey with white paws and neck, little white streak on its nose, a cuddler).

Anyone want a cute little kitten?


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