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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend wrapup

Its been somewhat of a busy week.

Josiah started cross country practice this week and thus begins the loss of summer freetime and the beginning of school routine and schedule. He was none too thrilled to find out practice was bright and early at 8 am. His new coach seems to be pretty good thus far. Most of the days he was able to keep up with the high school runners and run 4 miles or more. His first meet is next week before school even starts!

Katarina got her high school schedule and is beyond excited. This year she will have the high school all to herself (read no brothers at the same school to bug her in the hallway) I still cant believe I have a freshman in high school already.

I also had a prenatal appt this week. Really good news on that front, my measurements are back in the normal range. Praising God! I was almost 30 weeks at the appt and measuring 31 cm. That was a huge sigh of relief after hearing that news. For reference point, I was measuring 38 cm with Gideon at 30 weeks gestation. So quite a bit of difference. Everything else was good, blood pressure fantastic, weight gain very reasonable(only up to 7 total), and heard a very lovely heartbeat.

Friday brought a very welcome day off for Andrew. He has worked a lot of extra hours lately plus his conference to Texas. So he attempted to take friday off. He fielded at least 3 blackberry calls plus had to run into the office for a halfhour as well. Sigh ... thus are the drawbacks of the type of job it is. When the network is down, he has to go in to fix it And since he doesnt have any underlings yet it all falls to him. Sometimes its as simple as rebooting the network, somtimes its hours of troubleshooting. Even with all that, IM glad he is working closer to home!

We were very blessed this weekend with some tickets to higher ground, a christian music festival in our town. With the tickets we were given , and the ones that get in free(10 and under are free) we were able to take our entire family for a couple of hours on friday. The younger ones were quickly bored but thats okay. The middle ones werent too thrilled either to go. I enjoyed though walking around with all of us. The bands we heard on friday during the day werent big names. Our older ones went back that evening and listened to Casting Crowns and really loved that. Saturday night , Andrew, Josiah, Elijah , Ariana and I went back and got to hear sara groves and mercy me. Thank goodness a friend of ours gave us earplugs cause man, Mercy Me was loud! Its really interesting now that when i hear a song on the radio that I can attribute to one of the bands I heard, that I have a face to go with the song.

Today we had our baptism service out at the lake near town. It wasnt so much prepping to go: figuring out what to make for the potluck, finding all the swimsuits and towels, packing up the gear and sunscreen, and loading the drinks. Once we were there though it really was nice. Beautiful sunny day with a good breeze, perfect day to hang out at the lake. Only one moment of panic when Ezekiel had taken off for the bathroom without telling me and I couldnt find him immediately. Other than that we were good. I got sunscreen on pretty well so i escaped the burn but almost all of the kids didnt get there cheek/nose bridge area and are burned there. And a couple didnt get their backs as well, so I know Josiah and Andrew are pretty badly burned.

Andrew had to go into work twice tonite already and pretty much expects to be there for awhile. The entire network is down, not even the blackberries are pulling email. So in order for everybody to work tommorrow he needs to figure out the problem. He did come home in between times to watch little house on the prarie for our family night. I really appreciated his diligence and willingness to make that a priority. At least work is close and he doesnt have to travel far to get there(5 min lol) .

I still think even with the extra hours he has to put in occasionally here and there or the extra half hour tacked on at the end of a workday, we are still seeing him way more than when he was commuting. He often would be long gone by the time any of them got up and wouldnt arrive home til 630 or later some nights. Long days for sure! These are a different kind of long days I think. Even when he has to work late, we are seeing him when he comes home for lunch and quite often a number of the kids see him out the door when he leaves for work as well. They love waiting on the front steps to watch for him to bike home at night too. Those are the neat parts of having him work closer to home.

So I sit here listening to the sounds of the kids playing outside, katarinas radio in the background and the comings and goings of them all. I need to get Zemirah and Ezekiel in and ready for bed. Then I may run Andrew a drink or something to make his night a little easier.

God is good ... all the time


  • At 10:17 PM, Blogger Charmed said…

    I would have loved to go to that music festival! Casting Crowns AND Mercy Me! Wow.


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