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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Busy week

I declared this last week before school starts to be family zone week. That basically means no friends over for supper or sleepover. I even canceled my moms group for this week, so I didnt get to see my friends either. I wanted to spend this week with the kids doing some activities and things together.

Some cleaning has occurred, some movies and computer time has occurred and we even took a family hike. We didnt make it far but the kids enjoyed either biking or hiking. Gideon had a blast exploring the trail. We finished off the hike by meeting hubby for lunch at hte park. That was a lot of fun!

Today we will all go to Josiah's cross country meet. His first meet of the season. Im very excited for him. He really has grown a lot and his body is now cooperating with his desire to run far and fast!!! One of the time trials in practice was a 21:25 for 3.125 miles. I most certainely cant even walk that fast. Im really looking forward to seeing what this years season will bring.

This week has also brought on more scheduling fun. We are readjusting to school time wake up and bedtimes. I switched around some chores and delegated out some others. So all in all , we are getting more on top on some of our routines. Andrew and I also started exercising 3 days a week. That, so far(only on day2 lol) is going well but Im not liking the early wake up time to do so!!!! The menu planning worked out well for these two weeks, so I plan on doing that again as well.

The harder part is keeping all of these schedules juggling when events or appts happen. Its much harder to keep on top of the scheduled activities/chores/routines when you are gone 3-4 hrs for doctor appts in the cities or have to be somewhere. Thats where it falls apart for me, so Im going to try a little harder to keep things juggling.

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