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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun times with strep

We have 7 out of 10 people in this household on medicine for strep throat. Yes, doesnt that sound like fun?

Two boys came down with sore throats and 102 fevers on thursday. So as any good mom of a large family does, I prepare to nip this inflitration in the bud. I had them both to the doctor on friday for strep tests, both of which came back negative. So we go about our merry business, meanwhile more of the family are complaing of sore throats and fevers... Saturday afternoon, we get a call from urgent care saying Josiah tested postive for strep and I question them about nathaniel, the other boy who was tested on friday. They said, we dont have anything on Nathaniel. Okay whatever. Remember both boys tested same day, less than 5 min aparts.
It takes another full day for the call to come in that says Nathaniel has strep too. At this point we have 5 others either experiencing fever, sore throat, generally feeling like death warmed over or a combination of the above.

The doctor on call was less than helpful, in order to treat the rest of us who were exposed full force to this malady, he had to see us all to the tune of 75 dollars. I decided to wait to talk with our regular doc monday morning, after all we have been exposed all this time already whats one more day.

Thank God for a doctor who understands the dynamics of illness in a large family. He is a fabulous doctor and we all love him. He called in prescriptions for the five of us who were sick. So now we are on the mend I hope. We still have the 3 youngest kids unaffected as of yet, although Ariana threw up last night, so shes not completely well.

There is hope!


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