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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Timing is everything

Just as dh was leaning toward moving out west in minnesota, the chicago job posting is up. So now we really are at that crossroads, which option do we pursue, do we go for both and see which pans out? While at the same time preparing to stay here (picking a school for k in the fall) etc etc.

I dont know, I do know that I want to move for several reasons. One of the main ones is this old house, it needs more repair and care than we have time or skills to give it. Second is we want out of the city and want more room for the kids to run. 3rd is we need more space, more useable space like a basemetn and garage, we are fast outgrowing where we are. and last im ready for small town living again :) I grew up in a small town and I miss that.

I miss knowing the weekend rummage sales just blocks apart, not miles or neighborhoods apart like they are here. I miss feeling like its okay to send the kids to the park without feeling like they are goign to be shot. I miss the small town community feel.

So I think its time, time to move, whether we go out west or to chicago, I think its time to go.


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