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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We have been gambling round here!

I have created a system using poker chips and the carousel that is commonely associated with it. As the children have aged (currently have 12,10,9,7,6,5,2 and 4 months), the 2 youngest withstanding, I have to get more and more creative with our disclipline.

And with the amount of craziness, yelling and chaos lately, somthing had to change. Its more a reward based system , yet they can still lose chips for misbehavior or consquences. Right now they can earn 4 chips a day, eventually that will change to 2 but i want to get them into the habit of earning them. They can earn two for morning chores(room chore and bedroom) and two for afternoon and for exceptional behavior as well. Some have taken to this system better than others, katarina for example is motivated by the prize bucket rewards which cost 5 chips. Saturday morning cartoons cost 2 chips ... ouch ... yes I know im mean... but in reality I dont think earning two measly chips, for doing chores twice is askign too much. Im even charging them to go to birthday parties and fun events.

I even bet them 1 chip this morning they cant get their chores done, i dont lose anything since they can earn some anyway, but they do if they dont get it done, they owe me!

I still need to figure out some consquences that get them moving, when they arent doing chores ... hmm sleeping in the snow maybe lol ... okay somthing more constructive i suppose.


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