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Monday, January 30, 2006

Steamroller effect!

We still havent decided for sure, which door we are going through. Whether we wait to see if a job opportunity opens up in chicago, or whether we sell this one and move west. We really are at a crossroads.

But in some ways the steamroller is gased up and starting to roll. I have realtor coming over wednesday to look at sellign the house and the "ugly house" buyers comign on Thursday.

In the meantime we have been looking for that "perfect" house. Yes, i realize that usually isnt out there, but i know what i wont live without and what is bonus! We found one we really like (at least online anyway) in a smaller town than we were orignally looking. That isnt all bad. Sure they dont have 7 fast food places but thats much better for teh budget. Sure we cant just run to walmart without a 30 min drive but that will make us more intentional in our shopping habits. The school from k-12 is 250 kids ... all housed in one building. Yeah that can be a drawback, cause if they dont make friends, they coudl feel alienated but i think thats a risk we will have to take. They asked this morning, could we ride our bike to school, im like sure.

I found a church 12 miles away too, that looks very interesting. So it very much looks like a place i could call home. Heck who wouldnt love a place that has a festival called "longhorn days" :)


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