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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Green Light

We heard back from our mortgage broker yesterday and we are a go on another mortgage. I am beyond excited.

We still need to crunch numbers and work out final details but just knowing we can make this work with the 105 ugly house offer is astounding! God is sooo good ... when he moves ... he moves m ightly.

There is a lesson in learning to wait on his timing not mine. So the active house hunt begins, not that i havent been checking real estate sights daily, often several times a day, but actively viewing houses and figuring out which one will be ours.

We havent heard back from Chicago but maybe thats good, cause God doesnt seem to be moving us that direction. Winsted possibility is still there, the business is in the process of figuring out exactly what they want in the position and money, so we will see.



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