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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Life seems to be steamrolling lately

Doesnt slow down for nothing lol. Kids did fabulous in their school musical last weekend. I really really enjoyed it and Im looking forward to getting the dvd. But IM also very thankful practices and performances are over!!!

Managed to squeeze in some painting this weekend, but not entire rooms, so i have a couple of half started projects looming overhead. I do like painting and mudding and all that jazz, its just finding the time in which various munchkins are not underfoot and hanging out overhead.

Yesterday was jampacked with life as well. Had to deal with an overflow issue which left a nice lovely wet carpet to deal with, so I spent the m orning pulling stuff otu of the room so i could steamclean. Denist appts in the afternoon. There is one particular hygenist there that has the bedside manner of a barcuda shark. She just comes across really harsh. Elijah, who is 6, had to get sealants yesterday. Well apparently he had a hard time and it was causing him some pain, so they had to do a novicaine shot and he didnt cooperate as well. Hello, the kid is 6, he hasnt had a lot of dental work, and they didnt come get me either, to see if i could help calm his fears either. Long story shot, his older brother had no probs so he got a pencil. Elijah was upset bout not getting one, so i said go ahed and go in and ask for one. The baracuda hygenist said your brother cooperated and you didnt so you dont get one. Elijah was near tears, he managed really well to not meltdown but had i not had to go pick up nathaniel, they would have had a fight on their hands. I plan on a nice long dicussion with them, when i go in tommorrow for the other kids and you know what, im getting him a pencil.

I can see if he was outright defiant and kicking and hitting people but just cause he had a hard time in the dentist chair is no reason to deny him a prize. Sigh ... and this dentist office was looking so good before. I despise having to find new dentists.

Good news on the home front, we have an offer on the table! Dont know how much yet, so im cautiously hopeful but its an offer! Realtor will go over it with me this afternoon. On top of that we have another showing today at 330, gentlman wants a project for the summer, so we will see. So today will involve madly cleaning this house, trying to put thigns back in order, unfortunely im behind on everything from dishes to laundry to general pick up, so it will be a long day! I do have at least 2 of the kids farmed out this aftenroon so that should help at least.

Well now that ive written a novel, ill end and get to work, have a great day folks!


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