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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Morning all

Went out with some friends last night, overall had a good time, stress of life overshadowed it a bit but i got some yummy drinks. And no i wasnt hung over lol

Thats one activity i have never fully understand, drinking until you are drunk. I guess the appeal of acting like an idiot and not remembering what i did that night isnt very alluring.

Andrew went out to dinner with his boss in chicago last night. They talked a bit bout the nature of the job, and houseing concerns. Andrew isnt as gung ho on the job as much as its not full time teaching as he thought but hes still interested. A lot of details would have to fall into place to make that work for us. i actually made him promise he wouldnt accept it right away if its actually offered lol.

2 more days to go until he returns, woohoo the week is almost over. I think I will need a vacation of my own to recover.



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