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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday roundup

The tshirts didnt create as much of a stir as I thought they would. Few teachers asked them what they were about but the fellow classmates response was what suprised me. Quite a few of katarina's 6th grade counterparts thought the protest was a bad idea and just would make the situation worse. But they made their voices known.

It turns out one of the 2nd grade teachers may not want to teach 6th grade and may volunatarily go rather than making the 6th grade teacher who is the lowest on the totum pole go.

No word on anything from the showings earlier this week and no response from the sellers of the house we want on the amendment we are proposing. Basically it just ask for more time to sell our house and that we still want htat house. Just got notice though of a showing tommorrow night. So there is interest, i guess its just finder the "right" buyer, which i hope is sooner rather than later.

Busy day today, even with andrew home, there has been lots of running. I took the oppotunity of having him home(he coudl watch the little ones) and ran the baby bird into school to show the kids and their classmates. That was a hit! Everyone enjoyed seeing him or her, its name is sunburst! Its hard to tell the sex on cockatiels, guess time will tell on that.

Choir concert tonite and fifty million other things on the adgenda. Andrew leaves for chicago on sunday to teach an it class at the federal reserve there. He also interviews on may 12, that week for the chicago job. Neither of us really wants to live in chicago or near there, but he feels he should at least check out the opportunity. I think i would need the booming voice of God saying God to Ninevah, i mean Chicago before i would be ready to go. And even then it just seems so opposite of what we have desired for our family, smaller town, more space, less urban environment.

Thats all for now folks!


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