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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Only 4 more days

Yesterday was a long day. The kids werent particularly bad but there is something to be said bout realizing you have no one to relieve you even for a little bit. And well ... Im just slightly out numbered lol.

Painting may not get done this week, my wrist joints have been very painful thus far this week. Enough that I think its time for another call into the doctor. I hate not knowing what is fully causing this joint pain, its almost always one or both of my wrists and depending on the day some of the finger joints(the pain migrates on those, i know weird) and sometimes now my hip. At one point, they suggested lupus, but i dont have enough of the sypmtoms to make a diagnosis, so i wait and take ibuprofen and when that doesnt really work, i call the doc and she prescribes steroids. Which i really dont want to take either, but its starting to affect my daily life again, so its time to do somthing.

Well gotta go run the kids need to get to school, will write more later


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