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Thursday, July 06, 2006

12 boxes done, 100 billion to go!

Made some good progress on packing today, got a bunch of clothes packed away, some stuff from the closet, and misc items.

We did get to do the water fight but with andrews broken leg he basically manned the front porch, so it wasnt as fun as I became the ultimate target of the children. Zemirah was in her exersaucer, she didnt quite know what to think, Ezekiel took great pleasure in taking a water balloon and stomping it, Josiah had quite an arm with the water balloons(ouch) and Katarina had it in for me! All in all a good day, we ended with going to a friends 4th of july party and watching the fireworks and coming home, realtively early.

Well back to the packing fun, its on to the kitchen next!
thats all for now folks!


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