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Saturday, October 14, 2006


The verdict, a sinus infection. So the doc put her on zithromax,which by the way is my favorite prescription. Its so simple, one dose a day for five days, even i, can remember that one! She had one dose yesterday, the first dose is a bigger one, but by this morning her fever was only 99.2. It made that dramatic of a difference, 103, to 99 in less than 24 hours, Praise God. Im so glad she is feeling better, shes a much happier little girl.

The birthday party we were scheduled to go to, got canceled. We werent sure we could make it anyway, with the sickie. So we have a free day other than worship practice for andrew this morning. Im looking forward to it, and even better i have both today and tommorrow off!

Got some logistics worked out with switching shifts, so thats a relief off my head. I was concerned since i mixed up which weekend i had off and I was scheduled to work the weekend I have planned to go out of town. But i managed to trade shifts, so as long as the trade is approved, im good to go.

Well thats all for now folks


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