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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Long but good

I had training in the twin cities today. So I had to get up pretty early, in order to accomplish all that I needed to do:Shower, get kiddos up, clean out the van etc etc etc. One coworker canceled, but my other coworker, sara, was able to ride with me. It was a welcome change for a long drive, to have company along.

Med passer training, was pretty straightforward and the "two hour" test I had been dreading was pretty much common sense. I spent more time making sure i had the right number to question I read. It was 50 questions and I passed with only one wrong. You were allowed up to 12 wrong or 25%. Comforting I know, the person trained to give meds being off by 25%. So far it seems doable . Im sure it will seem much more complicated when dealing with a real person and real meds for 6 different people.

Got done early with the test, my coworker finished up right behidn me. So we were on the road by 245 and home by 4 pm. I was relived to be home an hour early, with home group pending tonite. Got the house all spic and span with the kids help. Despite no one showing up tonite, Im actually not too disapointed. Im rather exhausted from a long day of training and driving. And the bonus is now I can relax with the kids and hubby in a clean house. And I dont have to run around as much tommorrow morning cleaning for moms group. A blessing for sure! Besides the house needed it badly anyway.

Tommorrow starts my actual work week, but only 2 regular days besides today.

These are the evenigns I enjoy. The ones where the kids are playing either together or alone but fairly calmly. No one is wrestling or chasing each other thru the house or even bickering. Nathaniel is practicing typing with Zechariah looking over his shoulder, Katarina is reading on the couch, Josiah is in the kitchen finishing up homework, Elijah is playing castle and imgainext and watching Nathaniel, Ariana is fluttering between people and Zemirah is playing at my side coming up occasionally showing or talking to me. Andrew is working on worship sets, so occaisonally we get some song interspersed among the other noises.

God is good all the time!


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