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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its quiet now

I sit here with the sun shining brightly in the window and I think wow this is nice. I can here the radio in the background, look out the window and just hang out here in the living room. The little ones are movie watching downstairs and the big ones off to school.

It wasn't all roses this morning, a few thorns popped up. Ezekiel wanted something done with his oatmeal, heck if I could figure out what, so he was whining. Zechariah could not find his backpack and despite having 45 min to find it, he went out the door complaining he didnt have it. Nathaniel's standard morningrant, i dont have any clothes.

Despite the fun of the morning routine, its peaceful now.I dont feel sick or exhausted, which is a huge praise to God right there. I managed to sneak over and get a cappachino this morning before the kids went to school. So im sitting here enjoying my computer time and french vanilla cappchino (and gasp ... even some donuts) Shhh dont tell the kids, or they will be at my side in a heartbeat.

Today's adgenda, getting as much of this house in order as possible. I have to be in training all day tommorrow, leaving at 7 am and not getting home til at least 5 pm. And we havehome group here, sooo thus the work needs to be done today. Not my favorite chore, hopefully some friends will behome to gab with on the phone while I work. It always goes faster that way!



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