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Monday, October 09, 2006

Morning all

Im a bit cranky this morning, back ache, tired, most likely from working late last nite. But I get a breather for a couple of days anyway, dont have to work at the home again til thurs but i have training wednesday. I wasnt feeling very good last night and found my patience with the clients at a much lower leval. Their screaming and yelling that is their only way to communicate isnt so tolerable when you arent at the top of your game.

Andrew has today off, hes going fishing with a teen from our church this morning. I told him he could do whatever as long as I got a nap :) The important things in life you know.

Today im pondering my response to a situation.
We borrowed something from someone. In the beginning, it seemed like it was a gesture of helpign out another person who needed something. It was mentioned off hand later, that compensation was expected for this thing we borrowed. Not so directly though, just like if you can that would be great. Well we dont see the people we borrowed this from very often if at all, so sorta out of sight out of mind. I forgot bout getting something to them then. Well,last nite when I was at work, the person showed up and asked for the money. Idont think that frustrated me so much, i understand wanting the money, even if it hadnt been clear in the first place when we borrowed the thing. But the fact that he asked for even more money cause we didnt get it to him right away. I felt fleeced by someone I really had thought was just helpign us out. My husband agreed to get it to him next week and didnt argue about it atall. Im not sure my response would havebeen the same. When I got home from work(granted its now 11 pm) and he told me, I was furious and very much hurt. Maybe my reaction was so strong, cause i was tired.

What i wonder now is how do i turn that anger and frustration into something fruitful? It wont do any good to fixate on this. It really would do more harm than good to not pay them, although that was my immediate response. Fine if you are going to be that way,Im not giving you anything. The person was already angry,so i know that wouldnt be Christlike. Should we have paid them sooner, yes, I admit that. It didnt hit the top of my radar with all the other bills and things piling up, so I promptly forgot bout it. I guess part of my frustation too is that it wasnt clear from the beginning that this was expected. We may have made other arrangements instead. But thats water under the bridge too. So in short, i need to give it God and let him take what I have built up in my head. Its not even so pressing in my thinking this morning as it was last night. So God is good ... all the time!



  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger Nicole Jones said…

    I don't think it's fair that the person is asking for more money now than what was borrowed, if that wasn't agreed upon to begin with. Some people think it isn't a good idea to borrow money from friends...I don't know if I agree with that, but it's what some people say. But I guess the lesson to be learned could be get things in writing? Seems kinda harsh when you're borrowing from a friend, but I guess it makes it more of a business transaction then and they have something to back them up when they want paid and you have something to remind you of the loan. Just an idea for the future. :)


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