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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

God knew

He knew exactly what I needed. Thruout the day yesterday, I was sure that I could not handle all the challenges thrown at me this week. i was positive that I would never make it til Thurs when the extra kids will be picked up. So I cried out to God several times thruout the day,not very specifically asking for something but just to help me. He did .

The evening seemed a little calmer with my husband cooking supper and the house in some semblence of order. But the thing that benefitted most of all was sleep. The baby Im watching this week slept all night long, in his swing but asleep. Im praising God for this, he knew I needed that full night of sleep to make thru the day. A bonus cappchino that I bought to break the lunch money for the kids added to my enjoyment of the morning. God is good .. all the time.

Today hubby has an interview. Im praying that if this is the right place for Andrew to be, God will make it abundently clear to the manager.

Thats all for now folks


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