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Monday, December 11, 2006


We have 3 sick now, Nathaniel and Elijah both threw up at school and by all appearance, i think Josiah is next. He fell asleep on the couch and still is, not very typical for the rambunctous one. Thankfully, Zemirah appears on the mend, but I thought that Saturday too. Shes drinking at least, eating crackers and nibbling peanut butter sandwiches. Crossing my fingers at least.

I know part of it , is lack of sleep, but the fighting and whining are getting to me. Then one of them, whom will remain unnamed, threw up literally right in front of the bathroom on the carpet in the hallway. One step further and he would have thrown up on the tile floor, 5 feet further and he would have made it to the toilet. Heck the sinks were within 2 ft. grrr...

Its going to be a long week, not sure what to do bout work, its not as easy for andrew to get time off right now with his new job, dont have a lot of sitters who are willign to take sick kids or ones exposed even. I already know we are short handed with two other employees out sick and one gone for a funeral, since they already called and wanted to know if I could pick up any hours. Im thinking um ... no ... not even sure i can do my own let alone anyone elses.

Guess will just have to pray for a massive healing and killing of germs! God is still good ... all the time



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