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Monday, December 11, 2006

Sick baby and lack of sleep

Zemirah seems to have caught a flu blug of some sort, but thankfully its not a full blown one. She started throwing up friday night,seemed somewhat better on saturday(no throwing up at least). Out of sorts on sunday, no fever or throwing up, but she fell asleep during church and just was plain unhappy and not well. She ended up with some dirrehea and throwing up again last nite, good thing i keep her out of sunday school. That was bout 11 pm, so a bath and some snuggling, got her back to sleep. But she was up at again at 4, 5, 530, 6, so im a bit tired.

Thankfully no work today, otherwise it might be kinda tough. I should be able to catch a nap this afternoon with Ezekiel and redeem some of the lost sleep. Hopefully zemirah will start being on the mend soon. Kind of an odd illness, where she isnt throwing up all the time, or just completely miserable but not quite herself either.

I worked last night, in order to get Ezekiels birthday off next weekend. While i dont particularly enjoy working both weekends, even though its only 1 day out the two, Ill be glad to be home with him on his birthday. I know he probably wouldnt really realize but I would and thats what matters.

Todays adgenda includes, laundry, napping, laundry, napping lol. Okay maybe some diaper changes and dishes too!

Thats all for now folks!


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