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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was looking forward to a full day and evening at home, nothing to do , other than kiddos and housework but it wasnt to be. Yes, i could have said no, but a coworker and someone i consider a friend asked me to work tonite. She is in severe pain and is trying to get her doctor to do something bout today not several years from now. So since i didnt have plans, Im going in for her. Not all bad, pads hte check a bit and gives a few more hours. Im just glad i can do a little bit to help her, its hard hearing how much pain she is in and cant do anything to help her.

I am praying for her and I hope she can make headway with her doc today. In the meantime, Im going to adjust to going in to work this afternoon!

God is good ... all the time!


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