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Monday, February 26, 2007

No energy

This little one, or should i say not so little, is really starting to drain me. I dont have much energy and what i do have, doesnt take much to drain quickly. I also start feeling weak if i dont eat soon enough, apparently Im growing a giant.

I had my prenatal appt at the end of last week and at 31 weeks I was already measuring 38 cm. So my doctor ordered another ultrasound, this will be our 4th, sure hope Gideon likes his picture taken. She thinks its just that hes extra long, still up high and have extra fluid but who knows. All i know is the bigger size definitely makes things harder and I have 9 more weeks to go! So i imagine this will be a difficult 2 months.

Its just maddening at times though, when I actually do have the motivation(y'all know how often that is) to clean, i dont get hardly anything done before im worn out. I guess ill have to chunk my projects or cleaning sprees more so i can actually feel like i have done something.

Well thats all for now folks


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