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Friday, April 27, 2007

Gideon's birth story part 1 - The day that didnt go as planned

From the very beginning, Gideon proved to be the difficult child.

We arrived at 645 as instructed, only to find out, well they might just not have enough staff to do an induction that morning. So they put me on monitors for at least an hour, while they waited things out with other moms in labor. By the time they came in to get started(times approximate 8-830) , they discovered the next surprise.

The previous evening, he was head down, passed a biophysical profile ultrasound perfectly (8/8) and everything looked well. I guess he didnt like that position because by 8 am or so the next morning, he was sideways. He was determined to stay that way, we had many people prayingbut he was quite comfortable in there.

Meanwhile they did an ultrasound to make sure that yes he was indeed sideways and called the OB on call to come in check. So he makes his rounds, determine that we are going to have to do a version and turn the little guy. So we wait some more, first for his ultrasound tech to get there, and then second for an operating room to come available(in case the turning didnt go so well). It was nearly as painful as i expected it to be, it didnt cause a lot of pain, more uncomfortableness. Probably all the extra fluid I was carrying had a bit to do with that. they probably did that between 10-11 approximately. I wasnt convinced he was going to stay there, he was still kicking and moving a lot more than I anticipated he would be.

They finally started the pitocin between 11-12 that morning, a far cry from the 7 am induction I had planned on. Even during labor as the contractions increased, Gideon wasnt content to be still. He kicked often and even during contractions, somthing that I dont remember the others kids doing. Mostly during labor, they were pretty quiet and not able to kick so much. Looking back,i wonder if this is when our dear mr. Gideon decided to play jump rope with his umbilical cord and got himself all tangled up. He didnt manage to turn himself back around though as I feared he would.

Labor, intially wasnt too bad, even with the pitocin. My doctor was finally able to break the water around 3 pm and I was dilated to 6 cm. I have had past labors go pretty fast after that point of breakign the water, so i expected no less with this one. But again things didnt quite go as planned. The interesting thing with the water breaking is that my stomach/uterus literally shrunk in half after all the fluid came out. there was a lot! I have expected to have this tiny little five lb baby after how little was left of my stomach area.

A couple of times , his heart rate went down to the 80s, but they had me turn a different way and it came right back up. I did wonder at that point, if the cord was around his neck. But I never voiced that concern.

Labor was okay til I got to the point of 8 cm or so and things just didnt want to progress. There was a lip that just didnt want to go away and well things were pretty intense at that point. I dont remember any memorable phrases. It was at that point, the doc offered a cervical block of novacaine, it didnt compeltely take away the pain of course, but it was enough to get me over the last hump of labor. Apparently before that , I wasnt quite myself. Not exactly sure who I was, since I dont recall leaving my body lol. But the doc, nurse and my husband all commented that "I was back"

Pushing wasnt long, maybe 5 pushes or so. The hardest part of that was stopping after his head was out and they discovered the cord around his neck. It had to be cut before we could push him further. Nothing can describe that well, it is one of the hardest things to do, sorta like stopping a freight train with your bare hands. He was born at 5:11 pm and they put him on my stomach. Even then I knew something was wrong, he didnt look right, he was grey and covered with white stuff . They whisked him over to the table immediately, leaving me in the stirups.

Part 2 to follow soon.



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