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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Solo flight

Andrew went back to work yesterday and the kids were in school, so I was on my own. I had my moms group back in the morning;I really enjoyed that tremendously. It was so "normal" in terms of our routine that it felt heavenly. After the week of hospital, doctor visits and leval checks, Im more than ready to be "normal" for awhile.

I didnt get a lot done in terms of housework, but then again I dont alwasy on wednesdays with moms group anyway. Plus we had another meal brought, such a blessing. So it was wonderful not to have to worry bout supper.

Around here between 3 and 6 pm (or suppertime basically) is the crazy hours. Trying to get 8 kids thru homework, snack, chores while making supper and keeping kids on task ... well its interesting. If Im on top of my game, meaning I can be in all places at once or at least have a sense of what is going on, its not so bad. But if Im nursing the baby or otherwise engaged well its not so well then. Add to the chaos trying to figure out or cook supper and keep miss Zemirah off the table and out of food, well its lots of fun.

One of these days, the kids will get it. They will realize that if you do your chores well and quickly you have hours of free time left. Yeah right ... that doesnt happen til adulthood I guess.

Todays adgenda is mainly laundry and trying to catch up on regular housework chores and hopefully a nap. Well most definitely a nap provided bambinos cooperate in timing.

Gideon is doing well, his color is much improved and he seems to be eating better overall. Night is still tougher, some sessions its just hard to stay awake to keep him awake. He will start nursing okay and then fall asleep or unlatch, so I need to work on that. Last nights eating were somewhat sporadic as we both kept falling alseep. His next weight check is tommorrow, so hopefully t hat will give us a better indicator if all is well. He is having enough wet diapers.

Off to start the day, God is good ... all the time


  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger charmed said…

    Believe it or not, I miss those chaotic days!


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