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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its almost quiet

cept for the warring sounds of Andrews video game. The kids are all in bed reading, Gideon is swaddled in his cradle and I have a moment to enjoy a drumstick cone :) Theres so much I had wanted to blog over the last few days but with the hospital computer sporadic workings and wanting to spend as much time with Gideon as I could.. blogging obviously came up short.

I know we shouldnt be surprise or amazed at God -- after all he IS GOD -- but I find myself sitting back in wonderment and amazmeent how he provided time and time again. From providing us a free room to stay in the NICU hospital to a grocery gift certificate to meals being brought to unexpected checks from old friends. God did such amazing things that I want to make sure I acknowledge where our help comes from ... He did not fail us ... not once.

God even provided for things I didnt even ask for or even think much about. Someone anonmously paid for our car repair. God is soo good , I heard that and I just sat down in amazment at how once again he was providing for our needs before I had even asked.

I had wanted to blog how very specific prayers were answered. On Monday, I so badly wanted to nurse him and the one doctor was not wiling to let me do so and ordered "another" chest xray. I just prayed that the xray come back clear and it most certainely did. There were many instances of that.

There were friends that just from what they said, I knew without a shadow of a doubt they were upholding us in prayer. Friends who had been there in the NICU before and lost their sweet little girl very specifically praying hour by hour.

I had my low points too, when nursing wasnt going so well, crying out to God to help and he did. Gideon still isnt nursing the greatest, it takes awhile to latch him on, he can eat well once latched but its still somewhat frustrating. But even in those low moments, I knew God was there. In different ways, thru a phone call to an old friend, thru a friendly nurse, thru a message left on the cell phone.

Well thats all for now, I see Gideon stirring a bit. Will write more as time allows. But for now Im serving my king.



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