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Friday, April 20, 2007

My little guy

We have had some 7 lb babies before but Gideon just seems so tiny. He was 7 lbs 9 oz when he was born but had gotten down to 6 lbs 7oz, so that makes him seem even more little.

We go for his weight check this morning, IM hoping hes back over 7 lbs now. On monday he was 6' 13, so hopfully hes at least gained those 3 oz if not more.

Nursing him continues to be challenging, somedays he latches on right away and nurses well. But most times its a 5 min stretch of nursing then convincing him he needs to eat more. Then maybe another 5 min or 10 if we are lucky. Hes still eating every 3 hrs, somtimes every two but on the days where Im fighting to get him to eat most of the day, well it makes me worry. Im really trying to let God handle it but this is tough. I worry that I dont have enough milk, since hes not eating enough, or that hes losing weight still . The list goes on and on and more than once a day do i have to refocus and give it to God. Somedays I dont even manage to do that and get mired down in anxiety and worry.

I dont know if it was his rough start or the fact hes so little but he really has thrown me for a loop. Perhaps God just needed to shake up my confidence leval a bit. Things I was pretty comfortable doing before with a new baby, suddenly seem daunting and overwhelming with Gideon. I do know though that he wont give me more than I can handle, somedays though I really wish he didnt trust me quite so much.

God is good ... all the time


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