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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The waters are calm

Gideons weight check went well, he was officially 6 lbs 13 oz . Slowly he is gaining a little weight -- woohoo! I even managedto get a nap in with Ezekiel and Gideon and Andrew yesteday.

Andrew had yesterday and today off his regular work but went back to his part time teaching job last night. And it went well, course it helped that my friend, Eve , was soo kind in bringing us supper. So that made the night even easier. I also got to stop in at my workplace(it was a beautiful day for walking) and show off the baby a bit.

On the plus side, he let his students out early and thus was home early. So im praying for a calm sea of waters this week.

gotta run, time to wake up bambino!


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