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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Nathaniel came up to me and asked if our church was going to memorize any more passages. I said I wasnt sure, so he requested I pick one for him. So I start perusing the Bible and jokingly said that I should give him a verse bout circumsion.

So of course he asks what is that. So i proceed to explain that him and Katarina, who was in the room. She of course was way grossed out. Nathaniels response was absolutely classic
" There are some things in my life I just dont need to know"

So I gave him the love chaper of first Corinthinians, chapter 13. I gave him the option of starting at the beginning of chaper or verse 4. I was proud that he decided to seek this out on his own.

Tonite seems to be the night of laughter, full of one liners and a tickle fight.

God is good ... all the time, He put this song of praise in this heart.


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