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Thursday, July 26, 2007

1 year ago

We moved into this house!

It was a significant change in our lives;we went from 1300 sq ft to a 2800 sq ft home. We went from a standard small city lot to 3/4 acre with over 13 mature trees. We went from no garage to a huge oversized finished 2 car garage. We went from a completely unusaable basement with a dirt floor to a finished walkout with a fireplace. God is indeed Good!

I had always said I wanted to move out of the city by the time Katarina hit 7th grade. We moved a little over a month before she started 7th grade! Gods timing definitely wasnt our own.

It definitely was a rollar coaster getting to closing day but God brought us thru time and time again. We wanted to mark this day, so its an annual family holiday, every july 26th. We wanted to say thank you again to our realtor who sold our old house and the loan officer who got us into this one. If you ever need a realtor, Rachel Murr is it! Or a loan Officer, David Greene of Bell Mortgage comes extremly highly recommended!

We started our family holiday with a trip to the lake this morning. That was a lot of fun and the baby even slept the entire time. We even took the dog. Now we are having a rest hour, then a big turkey dinner. We will recount the story of how we got here with all the ups and downs and backouts in it. Then end the night with movies and choc and candy! PRaising God for all his blessings!

God is good ... all the time!



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