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Saturday, November 24, 2007

2 days post holiday

I wanted to blog yesterday but the timing just never occured. Overall it was a nice day. What I was most excited bout-- the fact that the house was still clean after the massive clean up for the holiday. So I have been on top of the kids a bit more to clean up more often, rather than letting it get overwhelming.

On wednesday night, Katarina and Nathaniel stayed up late to help with the cleaning; Andrew even lent a hand. It was fun team cleaning :) We finished up on Thursday morning and began the cooking that needed to be done.

It was a very enjoyable thanksgiving with company over. I really enjoyed spending time with our friends and getting to know some new friends. Some of our company didnt leave til after 9 pm that night due to a fun risk game. While I did lose, I was holding my own for quite a while.

Friday, I finished up folding the laundry, the only thing I really didnt get done for thursday. Then played some skipbo with the kids. Even the dishes are still caught up. For once, I actually did the dishes right after the holiday meal and even several times before the meal while we were still cooking. I generally tend to ignore the dishes and spend time hanging out with company. While I still prefer that option, it was really nice to not have a huge pile of dishes to deal with and having the kitchen put back together and swept up! God is good!

Since I really have been dogging the kids to keep picking up periodically during the day, the house is still fairly tidy today. Which is really nice change for rest day!!! So we have spent the morning playing some games with the kids. Some of them are watching saturday morning cartoons, computer or gameboy. Some are playing cards with andrew or I. Andrew has played some backgammon with Elijah. Its much more relaxing this morning. Praising God for this blessing today.

Not a lot on our agenda this weekend. Andrew has a paper to write but we are mostly unoccupied for this weekend.

God is good ... all the time!


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