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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday thoughts

After reading Andrew's recent posts, it got me to thinking bout what I wanted to write about today. Knowing that my pastor (Hi Tom!) and other church people read the blog, it makes me think, hmm should I write about that? Well Im going to anyway, cause this is one of the places where I can somewhat publicly thank God for his provisions and what he does for me. That is my intent today, and part of it comes with the territory. Its also where I am at currently and that doesnt change no matter who is reading.

I went to the food shelf today. I have done this before in years past and have generally saw it as a way of God providing for us. That I am very thankful for. I havent ever went here though, so it was unnerving and full of anxiety for me. Not knowing where it was located, how it worked exactly, and just the complete unknown. To make it a bit more challenging, the address that I had, was an old address. So at first I went to the wrong location, the courthouse. I have to admit, that was the hardest part of the day I think, going in wiht the 3 little ones and asking if anyone knew where the food shelf was located. But God was with me, he gave me the strength to do that.

Once there, the workers couldnt have been nicer. All 3 were older and very nice. The one, andrew had talked to on the phone remembered our situation and was able to identify with us. You see, she had 10 kids, so she was very encouraging to me. She talked of remembering how it was for their family. God is indeed good, he knew that I would be nervous and that I needed that extra boost of encouragment. So Im thankful for that.

God provided mightly once again! This time thru a food shelf and for that Im enternally grateful. God is good ... all the time! He provided a lot! Vegetables, canned fruits, soups, even some cookies. Praising God for his provision, once again!

God is good ... all the time!


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