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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post holiday crash

I realize I havent blogged for awhile-- life kinda took over with things like birthdays, holidays and worst of all, Gideons hospitalization. He was hospitlized for pneumonia(fever of 104.5) and anemia. Thankfully he seems to be doing much better now.

Holiday itself was okay, I guess. It was complete with mass chaos, hurt feelings,exhaustion and a general feeling of being underappreciated. I know though that isnt what its supposed to be about. Then again Im not sure I know what its about either. Its almost like we hype up the day, even in christian circles, to be this special unique family time that puts Jesus at the forefront. And it almost feels designed to fail. Part of me thinks, if we truly are living our lives for Christ daily(or trying too anyway) do we need a special day to remember his birth. I dont know really;guess Im speaking somewhat out of exhaustion.

The day after here has been a huge post holiday crash for me. The kids are all hyped up, fighting, bickering, running crazily thru the house and all I want to do is sleep. All i wanted was a relaxing day, to be able to read a book and nap. Should have known better on that front. I did get to finish my book though.

Even now im struggling to keep a lid on my frustrations and anger. When the little things are getting to me, I know I am really just tired.

So I guess thats all for now folks


  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Bren said…

    Hope you have something to be merry about - any good gifts?

  • At 11:22 AM, Blogger charmed said…

    Ihad no idea Gideon had pneumonia. I'm so glad he's better.


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