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Monday, December 03, 2007

A glimmer

I almost didnt write this post but I want to capture the glimmer of Gods goodness that penetrated thru the very stressful day today. It reminded once again that God is taking care of us even when everything else is going wrong down here.

The car's defroster hasnt worked for awhile. Andrew has managed to limp it along but cracking the windows until he gets up to speed, then the engine puts out some heat. It has become pretty obvious though with the colder weather, we need to get it in. After shelling out a pretty penny for the van last week, there really wasnt much leftover. So I took it in this afternoon, letting our mechanic know, I needed an estimate first.

I walked home and not 10 minutes after I got home, did we get a phone call from the mechanic. Its not only fixed but no charge, just a merry christmas! Turns out to only have been a wire disconected from the fan assembly. Im incredibly thankful that it was somthing so simple. On the other hand, kicking myself for not taking it in months ago lol! And God more than took care of the cost, Praising him for this blessing.

It was a nice little segment of the day, reminding me God is still up there on the throne, even when Im struggling thru my day today.

God is good . . . all the time!



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