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Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 isnt my year

I really dont know if this is how God orchastrates things but lately, the year as been seasonal in topic. Last year really felt like the year of blessings with a new house and a relatively new van and a new baby on the way. This year is much more the year of trial or struggle. And I know that life does that, ebbs and flows, but I tell you I am looking forward for this year to be over.

Our bird, Frieda, died last night somtime. No known reason or cause, could be anything from old age(we arent sure how old she is but probably over 10 or 15 yrs)to a cat scratch to being egg bound. Likely though just old age. Nathaniel, who is the bird lover in the family, found her and was pretty upset. Not sure if we can bury her, since the ground is so hard. I know though we need to do something as closure for Nathaniel. Timing really sucks though, its 2 days before nathaniels birthday.

We have had numerous medical challenges with Gideon from having to be hospitilized at birth in the NICU to his klippel-tranaunary syndrome. Although some of those are resolving as he is developing at his own pace, there are still struggles associated with it. Being diagnosed with lupus and the surrounding issues with family size is still a prevelent struggle. We lost our dog, abbott last january and now our bird today. These events and issues arent what defines us. It is easy though to get caught up in them.

As I struggle today, with various things, I just need to remember that God is there thruout it all. He hasnt changed, or left, or been shaken up by anything going on down here. And I will rest in that comfort.

God is good ... all the time!


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