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Monday, December 10, 2007

Pot full of posts

I have lots of posts floating around in my head. Thats really a dangerous place to reside, so hopefully i can get them written this week. Im noting them here, so i dont forget. I dont have a great memory for things and some of the posts are important to me to note. I really want to blog bout Nathaniel and his birthday and the changes I have seen in him over the last year. Gideon turned 8 months old last week and Id like to note the changes and progress hes made. I even though bout blogging bout old testament laws that had women reside in a separate hut during aunt flo time. Im positive its probably not as peaceful and serene as I am envisioning it. Right now though that sounds heavenly to be away without responsiblities!

On another note, Gideon is running a 101 temp, so im running him into the doctor this morning. I have a cold/cough/sore glands/hoarse voice going on myself.

Ezekiel will be having his birthday party this week, so i hope we get better quick.

More intriqueing posts later gators.



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