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Thursday, December 13, 2007

thursday thoughts

Feeling somewhat better although still have that dreaded cold. At least I dont feel so drained like i did at the beginning of this week.

December sure feels awfully busy and I dont even have family events to go to. Things like concerts, appts,conferences and groups seem to fill up the days faster. I find myself waking up to figure out what day it is and whether or not Im cheering cause i can stay home or whether Im trying to gear up for whatever event is that day.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you didnt get told something? Lately ive been pondering how to tell my sil that I really dont need to know things. Like the fact my parents called to get their address to put them in the will. They might already have ours and thats why they didnt call me. Or they might not have us in it, either way its not really something that I need to concern myself with. Im not guaranteed or owed anything really. Or the story she told me yesterday bout a graduation i attended a few years back. Apparently i missed the drama. I wasnt going to get to go to my brothers graduation, so I asked my uncle if he was going. Orginally I dont think he was planning on it. He did end up taking me and whichever baby i had at the time and I was thankful I got to go. Turns out he wasnt going, but the family made such a fuss over me not being there that my grandmother applied some pressure and convinced my uncle to take me. I really wish I didnt know that. Now I feel like i need to say something to my uncle and let him know I appreciate all that he did for me, since he really did go out of his way.

Sometimes my family just drives me nuts. I really get frustrated at how much of a one way street it is with them. It really is about me going there to visit, or to be the one to call or do the effort. It gets old really fast that way. I asked my dad to visit recently(they currently only have my 16 yr old sister at home) and he said well he does have the cattle to take care of. That is so infuriating that the cows are more important than me. I fully adknowledge that I could make more of an effort too to save money and go visit more often. I guess I get a bit of that from my father.

Enough drama for today, Im thankful that I have friends who fill in some of those gaps left by my family. I will thank God for his provisions!~



  • At 9:59 AM, Blogger Bren said…

    Praying for your frustrations to melt away! I understand completely and have stopped making as much of an effort, but I then think what would Jesus really want from me and am back to square one. I am praying!


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