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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Praising God

God is good all the time,he puts this song of praise in this heart of mine. I have been thinking today a bit on praising, musing a bit I guess. Sometimes God digs us out of holes of our own doing, somtimes he doesnt. What strikes me though is remembering to praise him for whatever he does, cause he is good and right and holy. Someone had mentioned they didnt think it right to expect God to provide for problems of your own doing. I thought bout that and I dont really agree. I dont think I expect God to dig me out of holes that I created but I expect him to do whats best for me that would bring glory to him. It may be that he provides a solution to the problem or that he gives grace for me to bear the consquences of falling into my own hole but either way its designed to bring glory to him and to bring me closer to God.

Our van is fixed and Im praising God for that. I was thinking bout timing, and how thankful I was that it wasnt last month it broke down, when we had myriads of doctor appts for Gideon. How thankful I was that I had nowhere to go this week, so it didnt matter how long the mechanic took to fix it. Thankful that we had the money to pay for it without screwing up our budget. Thankful it didnt break down away from home and that we were able to get it to the shop before it died completely.

Another big priase,our dishwasher is fixed and working again!!!! God is indeed good, he provided the means to get it fixed thru another person. I am praising God for this huge blessing. It turned out not to be as big of a problem as I thought. Our water softener had run out of salt, and we hadnt gotten it filled for awhile, and the hard water and minerals clogged up the dishwasher. So the guy cleaned it out and we ran several cycles of cleaners thru it and it works fabulous now!

Praising God for another blessing. My mentor let me know yesterday that along with several other ladies, they were going to play Mrs. Claus and bring some presents for the kids. I was so touched by this blessing. I had been telling the kids christmas would be small, since our budget is so tight,and this is just a huge blessing that God has bestowed upon us.

God is sooo good . . . all the time!



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