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Thursday, February 07, 2008


I attended Minnesota's caucaus on Tuesday night and well ... it was interesting. I have always been fairly interested in politics, moreso the last several years I think. I enjoy talking bout who people are voting for, the issues and the whys. I dont mind if someone disagrees with me, that part of what makes it all interesting.

I find the older generation, especially in my family dont talk bout who they are voting for. They vote, in fact my granny is an election judge, but they dont often share their views. I think we are missing out on a wealth of wisdom when they do that. My dad wont even talk bout it much.

I found myself with the opportunity last Tuesday night to become a delegate for our city. It really didnt involve much and not even a real election. They need 10 delegates and 10 alternates and well people werent exactly lining up for this opportunity. So i took a stab at becoming one, figuring I would bow out if it became obvious many people wanted to do this. We ended with 12 and 2 quickly agreed to be altnerates to avoid the the time it would take for an election. The main part of this is making sure we go to the county caucaus and then have opportunities to go on to the other district and state events. Im looking forward to seeing how all of this comes togehter.

This was the first time I have went to a caucaus and I must say Im agreeing with the proposal of making minnesota into a primary state. It took several hours to get thru the caucaus and I think many more people would have voted if they could have just come in and done so. It was much more time consuming than the primary system is.

The other interesting part was the resolution stage, where people could make any resolution they wanted added to the republican platform. It then goes on up the chain to be argued or agreed upon. Perceivably you could actually add a resolution to the national platform. I think that would take some significant effort and the "right" proposal to get there though. It definitely was a chance for people to be heard though.

One statement or question of the night really brought home truth to me though. One woman asked our state representative(who actually showed up wow!) "what could he tell us to give us hope for our party and our country?" I wanted to, but chickened out, stand up and say your hope isnt in the party or the country but in Jesus Christ. Not sure that would have went over well but it really illustrated to me that people are looking in the wrong places. There was even some discussion in regards to the schools teaching our kids about "globel warming" and making them "hopeless". Again thats not where our hope lies.

I intend to vote, maybe even drop some fliers door to door but I wont put my trust in politics but in Jesus.

Thats all for now folks


  • At 7:58 AM, Blogger geoclark1 said…

    I have trouble imagining a family where politics isn't discussed ad infinitium. My family is extremely outspoken about who we support. This year we seem to have the "eh" viewpoint. Can't really get behind any horse so we're going with the least egerous of the bunch, but I suppose that's the way things are anymore. K's family is not nearly as but still openly discussed. We didn't go to the caucus but I didn't feel I could voice a positive opinion for any of the candidates.

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger charmed said…

    My parents refuse to talk about who they vote for. It is a personal thing with them. BUT they also vote along party lines, they don't look into the candidates, and decide on their own who to vote for. The bad thing is, they are the party they are because their parents were.... I've tried and tried to tell thing things have changed, but they just dont' seem to get it.


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