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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The waters have receded

If any of you read Andrews blog, you already know that Sunday night we had 4 inches of sewer water back up into our basement. Pretty big scale disaster. The lift station failed that we were on, so basically it wasnt our fault. We are still waiting for the city or the contractor the city hired to maintain the lift station to own up to this and take responsibilty.

Thankfully our insurance at least had enough to cover the clean up portion. The fixing and returning our basment to useable condition, well thats up in the air for a good while. Im praying the city owns up to it and takes care of this with a settlement. We lost a lot.

Our entire basment is gutted! They took out the carpet, the laminete floor, 2 ft of wall and almost all our furniture and a lot of possesions. We have already filled up one gigantic dumpster and there is a large pile downstairs to still go out. Our vaccum cleaner, steam cleaner, air conditioner, all our family room furniture, bathroom vanity, tons of books and toys, all had to be thrown out.

So we are relegated to the upstairs for the time being. That bascially takes our 2800 sq ft house down to 1400 sq ft. Add the cats and the dog underfoot and well lets just say its a bit cramped!

The water is gone, the junk is mostly out, the wall board cut, we are basically waiting for the cleaning crew to come back and sanitize and spray antimold stuff and take the junk away. Then they will give us an estimate on the repairs, whether we do them or not is still up in the air with the city not really saying much on the settlement front.

Someone asked me today if I have hope yet. I said no, which isnt exactly true as Ive thought bout it today. I havent lost hope in God, hes still up there on the throne, not shaken one bit by this disaster. Hes the one who has helped me come up wiht the energy to lift heavy baskets of wet sewer soaked laundry at the laundromat, hes the one that helped me dig thru sopping wet piles of toys, books and clothes. Hes the one who has gotten me thru the last 3 days that have felt as long as a month. So while God may not move people to resolve this for us( I hope he does though) he will indeed and has given me the grace to endure it.

What I dont have hope for right now is that the city or its subcontractor will step up to the plate. They very well may still do so and I really hope they do. But that is why i answered no i dont have hope that this will all turn out okay. I dont have hope that they will own up and help us get our house back in order. My husband says if this is prolonged in any manner, he will go thte city and get the tax burden reduced since half of our house is now unfinished. Im not seeing any light at the end of tunnel. I just see this unfinished basment which I so loved.

I just had gotten it to a place where I really enjoyed our family room, our family was hanging out together down there a lot. I was so looking forward to this end of this week, where the kids had a winter break from school and andrew had taken a vacation day from work. I envisioned us hanging out downstrs together watching movies, playing wii, playing some family games, going to a budget movie. Its really disheartening to have this happen right now and instead we are spending time cataloguing and photographing all the stuff we lost. We are making phone calls and talking to insurance adjusters and trying to live together in a much smaller area than we are used to.

I know though at the end of all this God is still good ... all the time!


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