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Friday, April 11, 2008

Triple Expresso was a hoot!

I totally loved the show! I havent laughed that hard in a long time!! So hard that i had to wipe tears away from my eyes more than once!!! I would highly recommend going if you can sneak away before they close in the next few weeks. Or if it comes to your city, even with different actors, its well worth the cost of tickets.Andrew got us front row seats and it was a small intimate theatre. I very much enjoyed that.

It really was a nice night despite the nasty weather we had to drive thru. It was rainy, sleety, snowy and a tense drive home. But the date itself was fabulous. We ate out at applebees and the steak was divine. We even had time to browse the mall before heading over to the theatre for the show. The find of the night was a tv stand strong enough to hold our tv. We have been looking for over a month, so Im glad thats out of the way.

Its been a long while, I think since we have had a date, so that was a great treat! It may have been close to a year since we've been out. I cant really think of when cept our anniversary last year when we went out to see spiderman 2.

We even got mochas to drink during the show and they were really tasty. We bought coffee mugs to commerate the evening. I will remember the laughter for a long time! It was the orginal actors and authors as well, so that was neat to get to see the orginal cast in action.

God is good ... all the time


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