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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Lately there has been a number of stories in the news that make me thankful. Im thankful we are not living in the cities anymore. As I read the story of the 14 yr old that was almost abducted in St Paul;I cannot but help thinkof my own 14 yr old daughter. It just hits a little close to home for me and I am thankful God has allowed to move to a mostly safe little town.

Every town has crime but the leval of crime is greatly reduced compared to st pauls crime rate.

Gidoen has an appt with the surgoen today. Hopefully we can find out when he can get his hernias fixed. Although I must admit Im not looking forward to having my little baby guy put under for the surgery. Nathaniel had it done as a baby and i remember being an absolute mess even knowing it was a common surgery.

Gideon is such a delight to watch these days as he explores his world. He loves pulling up to standing and then pulling down whatever he can reach, just to throw it to the floor. Hes been making more vowel sounds too which is encouraging. His eating has taken off as well, he eats so much at suppertime, that his belly is bloated. Its rather funny looking and makes you wonder where he puts it all.

Josiah has his first track meet tonite. I hope he does well, I think hes running the 1 mile event, not sure if he is running any others at this point. They only started practice last Tuesday, talk bout not much prep time.

Only a week and half left of double up grad classes for andrew! I think he will start an on campus course later this month but that seems like a piece of cake compared to the two online ones at once. The end is in sight! I think he only has maybe 7 classes left, maybe even a little less than that.

Everyone is fairly healthy right now, although Josiah still has a cough and his voice is rough.
Thats all for now folks!


  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    Surgery is never fun. We did at least two before Ethan was 1. The first was at about 6 months and the second one was at 9 months (I don't remember for sure). The worst parts are right when they put them under (often they have a parent there to help hold the child) and then when they come out and are really disoriented and upset and you don't know if they are in pain or not because they can't tell you. We just asked for extra pain meds when Ethan was hysterical and it helped a lot!


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