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Friday, March 28, 2008

Double whammy

Two of the boys came home sick today. Nathaniel had been feeling queasy most of the day and saved the fun bucket activities for here at home. So it appears he has the stomach flu. Josiah came home with a fever,cough, headache and chills. He was so hunched over I thought he had gotten hurt. In reality he was just so cold that he was trying to stay warm. I suspect he may actually have the true influenza, the upper respitory kind. In fact hes had the headache for two days and it really hasnt gone away.

I hope he doesnt since the majority(everybody but Andrew) did not get the flu shot this year. We are all still living on the upper leval in close quarters, so that really improves our chances of sharing.

Im not sure how we managed to be so lucky, having the stomach flu and the upper respitory one in one fell swoop. I actually dont think we have ever had the actual upper respirtory influenza go thru our house that i remember. Maybe we did when the kids were younger and i just dont remember though. Im just praying that it doesnt make its way thru everybody.

Im somwhat bummed getting all this at the start of andrews birthday weekend. It sorta puts a damper on going anywhere and doing anything.

God is good all the time


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