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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nearly done

The walls are finished -- woohoo! The colors look really awesome and very bold. The doors are hung and the trim around the doors are stained. The only trimwork that they missed was some in katarinas room. So that will still need to get done.

So all that is left really is the plumber to come install the sink top and toilet and the carpet guy to come do the carpet. Then its putting the rooms back together. The new family room furniture is scheduled to arrive next week, so i hope the carpet can be put in quickly.

We still need to buy new mattresses, find a dresser, tv stand and some of the other misc lost items. But the bulk of that is done as well.

Im starting to get excited, the end is neear!~


Ps - our wall/painter guy has his own business as well, so if you are looking for a great painter, let me know! I asked for his card because I really was impressed with the quality of his work.


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