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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Painting has begun

Im totally loving the colors we picked, very bright bold colors. The bathroom is a bright blue and we went with white cabinetry to offset the blue. Its shaping up nicely. The family room is a deep yellow with hints of orange and very bold looking. It looks great with the fireplace. The boys chose red for their option, cant wait to see that on the walls.

Our worker is fabulous, he really works hard and has a great attitude. Isnt phased by the dog or the kids showing up in his work area, takes it all in stride. He redid our textured walls and it looks even better than before. I would highly recommend lindstrom restoration, they have done great quality work thus far.

Today is the last day of spring break for the kids. They have been enjoying some computer and movie time. Back to the normal routines tomorrow though.

Our furniture will be in next friday and they are shooting for the end of this week to finish the basment, possibly early next. But Im excited, its really starting to look nice down there.

We have been bogged down with life: homework for andrew, Zechariahs 10th birthday, picking up beds, replacing items that were lost. Not to mention supervising the work on the basment as well. Doesnt seem like there is much end in sight for the busyness. At least Andrews doubled up graduated classes will be over in 3 weeks. That should help some. Once the basement is done and we finish replacing lost items, that will free up some time as well.

God is good all the time


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