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Monday, June 16, 2008

My trip part 2 :)

Finding longer periods to write a detailed blog post is tougher than i thought.

After getting in fairly late,we slept til 830 or so. We decided to venture out for breakfast. We went to this neat little cafe called the library cafe. It was decorated like a libary and had a couple of cozy fireplaces and neat tables. Breakfast was yummy too.

We then ventured out and proceeded to hit the sights and cross them off Nikki's list. I forgot my camera, luckily Nikki remembered hers. One of the more neat sights was a gigantic stone troll with a real volkswagon beetle in his hand. I think some art society created it, its underneath an overpass bridge. Pretty cool!

Although it was chilly I did enjoy walking along puget sound and picking up some rocks and shells. It rained off and on that day as well as a good wind, so it felt really chilly. Thank God I brought my coat!!!

I got to see the famous pikes market and found lots of fun trinkets there. I sadly did not come at the exact right time to see them throw a fish. If my memory serves me correctly(which it totally might not lol) I think we ate at red robin that night. We decided to hit a late show and see prince caspian. Great flick and the bonus was that I got to see it before Katarina lol.

Part 3 to come!


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