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Monday, June 02, 2008

Tad bit overwhelmed

Its only Monday afternoon and Im already feelign the pressure. So much that it makes me want to shut down and do nothing, rather than everything I need to arrange.

Im going to Seattle for a trip away to visit my friend this weekend but the excitement is getting buried deep in the to do list. It doesnt help that this is the last week of school for the kids and various arrangments must be made for the time IM away. Katarina is also going away for the weekend as well, babysitting for my SIL and brother, so detail for that must be arranged as well. I believe they are picking her up but its complicated by the fact she has a field trip that day that wont return til late.

Im sure Ill feel a little better when ill the babysitter arrangments are said and done. I got a reminder call today reminding me of a specialist appt for Gideon. I have already exhausted my possible list of sitters so IM stuck taking all the littles with me tommorrow. On my birthday no less. Sigh ... thus is life.

Then if the ducks line up in a row(mainly if the sitters work out) IM chaperoning a field trip for Ariana on wednesday and then i fly out early evening on thursday. Andrew just informed me we are in for some wicked bad storms that day ... great, As well as figuring out where to park and do security stuff at the airport, ick, that is making me anxious already. Unfortunely with starting the new job it means AJ cant take off to drive me in to the airport.

On top of all this, I had wanted to get the house in good order before I left to give Andrew a good start to the weekend. Sigh I guess i wont get everything accomplished.

God is good ... all the time


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