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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Im Off

Well shortly here anyway. Going to drop the kids off at the sitters and head to the park and ride. Hopefully everything is easy to find.

We never did end up watching the movie last night as Andrew was pretty much comatose. He really did a number on his back, so the doc yesterday had prescribed muscle relaxants. Those really made him out for the count. I tried waking him up to get some help with finding a park and ride and he was just too out of it. That was a bummer.

Feelign a little more relaxed, at least I will once im actually on the plane. Got a good bit of laundry caught up, a whole lot folded and put away. Went to the grocery to get some frozen pizzas and bread. I think I covered most of hte bases. I have like 7 notes all on the fridge and emailed andrew a detailed list of stuff. It takes some efffort to leave a husband and 9 kids at home lol.

Well thats about all for now folks, see ya when i return


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